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The reason for this exhibit is to help create a new environment to consume art. The old fashion way of going to exhibits and consuming art has history and a sense of authenticity but it is dying out. Art needs to be more interactive and more senses needs to be involved. In 2016 I had a great epiphany, after touring around different art galleries in Amsterdam, Paris, Denmark, New York, Sweden, and Berlin I had a chance to feel and consume lots of art and different fashions of displaying art. Most ways were the same but other museums had their own unique spin on the way art was received. Which in fact gave me the great idea of involving more senses when taking in art!

The Idea: 
Waves is a visual and listening art experience that introduces art in a very experimental way, by creating an atmosphere for people to look and listen to art.
Its not a secret that music and visual art can go together. For some painters, graphic designers, sculpture creators, or digital artist, music is an important part of their creative process. What they listen to when they create their next masterpiece is very important and particular. Music helps them get into a zone or a freeing state of mind. 

In this exhibit we intend to take you in the mind and atmosphere of the creator and create a more personal experience between the artist and those taking in the art. 

The money raised for this project will be raised to cover the expenses.

Art Material: Meural.com will cost 4,500 dollars for the frames used to display the art.
Material to create each art display:  12,000 dollars
Venue for the gallery: 6,000 dollars

WAVES is an exhibit hosted by the music production company JNRY FIRST in New York but will be displayed in Denmark or Sweden.  This is a chance for visual artist and music artist to display work simultaneously while creating a wonderful experience for people. It would mean a lot for your support!