Harrison First ft FOL - Head Games


Harrison First

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Started out in New York and made his way to Sweden, once known as WAJU and now known as Harrison First, releases his first single of the year, "Head Games" featuring FOL on January 23rd 2019. This song features a new collaborator of Harrison First based in Amsterdam. Although the singer has yet to show her identity, FOL has been featured on Playlist such as Spotify New Music Friday Netherland and Youtube Channels such as Escape Tracks, DYNMK, Aperion, and many more. 

Head Games is a record about letting ones insecurities get the best of them in a relationship. The uniqueness of this record brings together an euphoric sound of low bass, mid tempo drums with an afro beat feel, and melodies reminiscent of TLC and the 90s blended to modern day music.  
With Harrison First success working with his current and past collaborators with Spotify streams well past 10M, and collective streams of songs for 2018 past 20M; 2019 he plans to release his debut EP, alongside an APP that suggest music for people based off their mood, and debut his EP at an art gallery in Sweden. 
Past media support has come from MILK, Billboard, MTV, Spotify, Pigeons and Planes, DistroKid, and many more.

Harrison First

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