Who needs clothes

By no means am I a fashion connoisseur or a fashion guru. I appreciate what I feel is good taste in clothes and love to see fun, new, and creative ideas when it comes to fashion. In my opinion its really all about the person and what clothes they make look good, not the other way around. On the other side someone who does have an eye for fashion and style is Olivia Do who started her own company, "Ardour" with best friend Suzie Chudzik.






Founders and best friends, Olivia Do and Suzie Chudzik launched Ardour while conquering the business world in 2013. What started out as daily chats of needing something more than the 9-5 grind, eventually turned into an entrepreneurial journey. Ardour is a unique online fashion boutique delivering good vibes through a bohemian electric style. Music, art, culture and each adventure we encounter drives our inspiration day and night. Our ambition derives from a strong desire to live a life we love, as well as instill this desire for change within each of you. Ultimately, we're here to deliver the wildly ambitious styles we live for!


Fall Fashion 2014

Lots has been happening in the fashion world over the past couple of weeks - fashion weeks in major cities left and right! Designers from all over the world are having the opportunity to show case their magnificent looks for this 2014 Fall. We are here to share with you some of the highlighted looks! Let us know what you think - are they a yay or a nay? If you are someone reading this thinking to yourself who cares? I can totally appreciate that too, what's "in" isn't always for everyone. Voice your opinion in the comments below =)


The sporty and chic.


White, people think lots of white and off white.


Playful pastels.


Fierce blazers with metallic prints.


Bold prints for him.


THAT bomber jacket!


Don't be afraid of pink.

If you simply cannot get enough of these pictures, check out so much more on the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website!

- www.therealstreetracers.com