Help me, I can brush my hair in Sweden

Dear you,

This might be one of the silliest blog posts I write but fuck it, today was a long day and I need to vent.

Everything started out pretty gray and then blossomed into a relaxing walk and art gallery day in Malmo Sweden. The city is small and not much to do but it does its best to try and have events and things. After a long day I decided to check out some stores in search for a hair brush. Now for the average Swede this is a very easy task, and let me add, for the average WHITE SWEDE. After living hear off an on for about 1 year, I have come to find out it is very hard to be black and live in a country so white. Something as simple as looking for a store that sales hair brushes for black men turned into a 2 hour adventure.

While on my scavenger hunt for the golden hair brush from God, I walked into a couple different store. One lady told me she never seen a hair brush made for black men in her life, so then I asked her, “Isnt this a beauty shop, black people dont come here?” She replied by saying no.

So then I noticed there were dozens of barbershops in Malmo, I thought my search would quickly be over. In New York when you see a Barber shop usually the owners sale some beauty products for men, one of which is a hair brush. Thank God! I knew if I walked into one of the barber shops in Sweden I would be sure to find a hair brush. Once I walked into my first shop I had a hard time with communication and in the end I realized they didnt sale brushes. I thought ok, well I am sure to find one at the second one I go to, and surely enough I see hair brushes for men displayed in the window of the second barbershop. So, I walk in and tell the barber please, I want to buy this brush you have here and the barber looks at me in shock and says, “Im sorry brother but these brushes arent for sale.

I was pissed the fuck off. No one goes to these damn barbershops look like me so why do they need to have the hair brush only on display. Why cant I have it! At this point I decided to go home to my dark apartment and order a brush online. Seems very stupid to me but fuck it this is my life now.

As I got close to my apt I remembered that there was a black barbershop close to me, so I thought, why not, let me check. Once I walked into the shop it smelled lack Africa! Although I was born in America, my parents are Nigerian so im a very proud Nigerian American.

I felt at home in the barbershop and before I could even ask I saw my true love!!!!!!! Gods gift to all black men with hair. My new brush!

Thank you God :)

(Excuse any grammar mistakes or misspellings, I dont really care)

If its not fun, why do it?

The goal in life is to balance out the good and bad days. Why spend time doing something you dont want to do if it doesn't make you happy? Of course there are logical explanations as to why we do things that dont make us happy, but is it worth it?

For some its hope of a better future, a life of happiness all the time. But what price are you willing to pay to enjoy life? Of course we want to create more good days than bad, but in some situations this isnt always the case. Life happens and unexpected circumstances may bubble up and take a turn for the worst, but in that moment of darkness, light is right around the corner waiting for you to come through. Dont hope for happiness, just be happy! 


I don't care about your reputation

Remember this guy? He's back with more hot stuff! Check out his latest music video "Reputation". Launched only 3 days ago, with already 40,000 views on YouTube, Rebstar is someone to watch out for...

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Made in Sweden

11707910_10155882638055061_3086365075435031088_o He's worked with some of the big names: Drake, Trey Songz and The Weeknd. Sweden might have Avicii and H&M, but we're still waiting for their next big rapper. Rebin "Rebstar" Shah, a apart of the Today is Vintage team in Malmo, Sweden just recently dropped his latest music video: "Thing About You". Thus far, its been a sensation - being the first Swedish rapper to be featured on MTV USA - and, of course all the major Swedish publications are talking about Rebstar and what's to come next.

On the surface of the comical video, Rebstar is wearing a lion costume while being kidnapped and humiliated by three disguised women. But if you were to ask Rebstar himself, its about a lot more than that. Produced by DJ Pain 1 (who's also done music for 50 Cent and Rick Ross), Rebstar raps about his ex, pretty harshly, and in the video she has the chance to let go of her emotions to get her revenge. Check out it out below!


The SRP Team is thrilled to have a connection with Today is Vintage and all their great talent. So what's next? The dream of making in the States is still in the cards for Rebstar, and with his latest album, "Girls like Nicole", coming up who knows what will happen. Stay tuned...

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