Letter of Intent

Did you check it out?! E. Dott's mixtape, "Letter of Intent" is available HERE! Which track is your favorite? Comment below =) Are you as curious about the talent behind the clever lyrics as I am? Keep reading...



1. What is your earliest memory with music?

"My mom bought me a pair of drum sticks when I was 4 years old. And it's been on ever since."

2. Could you tell us a little bit about how your career got started?

"I started out freestylin in the hood and on campus once I got to the Tri State area. Once my best friend passed it then became a passion. I mean music has always played a big part in my life but it got serious then."

3. Favorite song of 2012?

"Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees"

4. If you could describe yourself as an artist with three words, what would they be?

"Against the grain"

5. Why have you chosen to work with Streetracer Productions?

"It's simple. Dope production. Besides bein dedicated to the craft, the creative factor is there."

6. How would you describe your experience working with us this far?

"It's been a great start."

7. Who has been the most influential in your growth as an artist?

"Outkast. Marketing and branding is big... and dope, unique music is a must."

8. What are your future goals for this upcoming year?

"Just to maximize what my team and I have been building as of late. "Letter Of Intent" the Mixtape is out and the future is lookin bright!"




Rethought, Modified, Perfected

As earlier mentioned the game has been stepped up! Unless you haven't already noticed, the StreetRacer website has made some fresh adjustments. Not only is the homepage a whole lot easier to navigate, it has also embodied a cleaner and more professional vibe. All to make, not only our lives, but your life easier too. Check it out, and don't hesitate to comment with your opinion and feedback - we want it all, good and bad! On another note, it is worth mentioning a huge project that the passionately creative StreetRacer Producers have been working on for quite some time now: the one and only E. Dott and his latest mixtape, "Letter of Intent". It is more than worth your time, I can promise you that. Stay tuned for more about the StreetRacer Artists that we've been working with lately...


Lastly, I cannot leave you without a taste of the intense, but mighty fine progress that our Producers has been doing lately! Oh yea!

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