The creativity is flowing and the beats are flying left and right StreetRacer friends! I would like to emphasize that a new super star beat has been released, produced by our very own Wala Beatz. Check it out at! But that's not all, something salty has come our way... Yes, salty. I have a confession to make. I am a hopeless salt and pepper lover... Are you like me; the one at the dinner table who always reaches for the salt and pepper shaker? It's almost like a natural instinct. Now I sound like a crazy person ranting on about the two inseparable spices..but my point happens to be a valid one. Our StreetRacer producer, Waju Beats has been inspired by this mundane yet metaphoric concept of salt and and white, opposites attracting and complimenting one another. One might call it togetherness. Take a listen..and hopefully you too will smile the next time you reach for the salt.

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The beauty of hard work does eventually pay off. Here is a finished product that the StreetRacer team is happy to present with the talented artist Damo and the StreetRacer beat "Rain." Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Also, StreetRacer Productions has updated the official website. Go to for everything you need to know about our StreetRacer music and producers.