DO it yourself BUT not FOR yourself


Often times we get caught up in the hustle and forget what's really important in life. What matters the most and what will last the longest.

Living in some of the most popular cities such as New York, LA, Atlanta, London, Paris, Berlin, or Stockholm one can get caught up in doing for themselves alone disregarding friends family and partners. When in fact some of the most important things in is impacting others, building a legacy, and and helping those below you without wanting things in return.

And the secret on how to do this is through your passion!

So let your ability to influence people be your fuel to be great.


Rocket Life is Born to Create


We apologise for keeping all you #BornToCreate fans waiting for the next upcoming talent. Finally we are here to present the next Born To Create feature: Rocket Life Entertainment - a movement based out of Houston, Texas, consisting of multiple artists, Fine$$e Gang being one of many. There are two artists running the movement - Houston Native, Cam Trilla along with New York-born Fre$hEman.IMG_0325


Their general focus is to be the voice of the 90s generation, representing hard work, loyalty, & building genuine relationships from a variety of different areas. Additional artists consists of Dee Ace, Like Cam Trilla, also a Houston native but currently based in Atlanta, in an attempt to spread the movement. Last co-president is Teddy P, from the Bay Area of California. Their mission is to reach all people from all neighbourhoods - regardless of the background.


Check out Rocket Life's hottest track here.

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