Josh Adam: Born To Create Week 11

a2804578985_10 Josh Adam dispels the long-told rumors of what it means to be a Son Of A Preacher. Teaming up with The Tucker Brothers, the dynamic production team from New Jersey, Josh Adam speaks about the real everyday life of a being a P.K. (Preachers Kid). Explaining that no one is perfect, no matter their lineage, this S.O.A.P. artist talks about dealing with his own life and vices. Accompanied by smooth melodies and knocking 808's, this album is promised to be a great listen from start to finish. He is what we call Born To Create.


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Who needs clothes

By no means am I a fashion connoisseur or a fashion guru. I appreciate what I feel is good taste in clothes and love to see fun, new, and creative ideas when it comes to fashion. In my opinion its really all about the person and what clothes they make look good, not the other way around. On the other side someone who does have an eye for fashion and style is Olivia Do who started her own company, "Ardour" with best friend Suzie Chudzik.






Founders and best friends, Olivia Do and Suzie Chudzik launched Ardour while conquering the business world in 2013. What started out as daily chats of needing something more than the 9-5 grind, eventually turned into an entrepreneurial journey. Ardour is a unique online fashion boutique delivering good vibes through a bohemian electric style. Music, art, culture and each adventure we encounter drives our inspiration day and night. Our ambition derives from a strong desire to live a life we love, as well as instill this desire for change within each of you. Ultimately, we're here to deliver the wildly ambitious styles we live for!

Story of Meili


If you are looking for a quick fix or some type of get rich quick scheme, then music might not be the best way to go. Nonetheless, it is one of the most lucrative industries worldwide, but without a doubt an industry with incredible barriers to break. After having a good conversation with one of the former financial directors at Warner Music Group, my eyes have once again re-opened to the simple fact that nothing comes fast or easy. Of course some of us in the world are gifted and have natural talent, but when it comes to reaching new heights it won't be easy. The story of Meili represents the journey to prosperity, a young girl from a foreign land searching for a life she doesn't know but has always wanted. When making this beat I wanted the story of Meili to shine through and represent those who chase the unknown, the new challenges, and break down doors to know that they need to keep going. Because, at the end of the day, what are you chasing?

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Sell Yourself

No one has the secret sauce to success when it comes to making it big in the entertainment business. The only thing we can do is work hard and hope that a sprinkle of good luck, or for some, FAITH, hits. Often times you see millions of people pouring their mind, body, soul, and most of all MONEY, into their art with nothing in return. New York City, California, Miami, or Atlanta just to name a few, you can find people all over trying to make their dreams come true, but see very little success. Yes, this can be discouraging, although at the same time it lets us know that hard work pays off. The people at the "top" have worked hard for what they believed in and put in countless hours into their craft. Of course we all know this, but what we also need to know is that there are thousands of ways to make money on this long and hard journey to success through outlets such as social media, networking events, and other social gatherings. Chances are if you are good at what you do and someone else can benefit from your craft, then they will pay. In the end, as creatives and innovators, we need to sell more of ourselves, more more more. That's what the people want. We are not selling music, art, dance, nor acting skills, or fashion. No, not at all, what we are selling is ourselves, and if people like you alongside with your art or product then they will buy what you have!


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The Color of My True Love's Hair

It isn't every day you have the opportuntiy to get a free, high quality beat online... Seize this moment, download our free beat for this week and send us what you've done with it to or It is one of my latest SRP faves..with soul, depth and body it has all the potential in the world. Make it your own!

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Fall Fashion 2014

Lots has been happening in the fashion world over the past couple of weeks - fashion weeks in major cities left and right! Designers from all over the world are having the opportunity to show case their magnificent looks for this 2014 Fall. We are here to share with you some of the highlighted looks! Let us know what you think - are they a yay or a nay? If you are someone reading this thinking to yourself who cares? I can totally appreciate that too, what's "in" isn't always for everyone. Voice your opinion in the comments below =)


The sporty and chic.


White, people think lots of white and off white.


Playful pastels.


Fierce blazers with metallic prints.


Bold prints for him.


THAT bomber jacket!


Don't be afraid of pink.

If you simply cannot get enough of these pictures, check out so much more on the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website!


Top Floor


No Structure + creativity - what you know = A perfect product

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Once again the young music producers from StreetRacer Productions has yet to cross produce into new genres of music and try to make a big impact in the music industry. You don't find too many producers push the envelope but right now StreetRacer Productions not only pushed the envelope but sealed and it and sent it off to the masses to read!

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$5.00 Bangers



Time and time again then question we hear from musical artist, independent movie directors, and dancers is, where can we find good beats online?

Most people have never heard of us but StreetRacer Productions is one of the best places online to download beats for a great price. All beats on the online store are ONLY $5.00 for a lease. That's great! Need we say more :)
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Noire or Alive

Two very opposite tracks but two cool StreetRacers expressing their feelings and emotions through music. @srpmusic @prodbyWaju @MartyMaar www.therealstreetracers.comImage

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Are you voting?

TONIGHT at 8pm the voting ends and StreetRacer Productions will announce this year's Underrated Rapper! The winner will be receiving 7 exclusive beats, a free mixtape hosting, and distribution for his next project with our supplier at! Not a bad deal right? But, to make this a fair contest we need your vote, and your friends vote...and your friends' friends vote! All you need to do is click HERE, and listen to the top 5 and vote for your favorite. Spread the word!!!


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Undeniably Gifted Miinds

I hope you have voted for your favorite artists in the Underrated Rapper contest! We are now down to our final 5 - who do you think should take home the trophy? To take a listen go to and VOTE. On another note... I would like to introduce you to one of the artists competing in our contest: Laze, a unique talent part of The Trinity, a rap group based out of Newark, NJ. I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Laze to ask him a few questions about him and his team's company, Gifted Miinds, providing us with a fresh outlook on clothing and music.


How did you start your music career?

Gifted Miinds started their career in 2011, all it took was 1 upload on youtube and the reaction from the public. All of our 6 recording artist developed thru a pen and a pad or just a instrumental and rhymes of the top. The Gifted Miinds eclectic group the Trinity has been the face of music since 2011 who include artist Lokii Jay, Lotus and Laze. The Trinity have been creating a buzz with the help of the Gifted Team, performing at gigs, and promoting online. The rest of our recording artist Pharoah, Wize, and Profit have been working on their come up as they hit up the GM studio working on new music. The Newark NJ, based group is sure to bring a new essence to the culture with their rhymes and clothing, be sure to check us out

What is your first memory/encounter with music?

There is a limitless amount of memories in this family, we aren't only a group we are family wether it be just hanging in the basement and freestyling a crazy verse, a funny scene shooting a video, or rocking a crazy show. The most memorable encounter we've experience was our 1st performance at Union County College NJ. It was our 1st show, and there was 2 prizes, $100 from the judges and $50 from the crowd, we were the winners for both prizes taking the $150 home that night! We Performed our track called Armageddon and the crowd immediately connected, we also threw free shirts for the crowd they loved it and so did we, by far that is our most memorable. #JERSEY

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Tell me a little bit about the idea behind your group - Gifted Miinds? 

The idea behind Gifted Miinds is to connect with the world all the gifted people out there, most importantly our YOUTH. The Gifted is a reference of our talents, our movement, and most importantly our fans, and Miinds includes the double "ii" to reference the groups logo the 2 brained alien that sums up together "Gifted Miinds". We all have a gift, sometimes we feel discourage because of where we come from, the daily struggles we face, or the way we are made specially in our hometown Newark NJ. The ideal purpose and heart of this movement is to inspire the youth, guide them through our music and open their eyes and mind to the world, stick up for Jersey and walk with them thru their life and welcome them to walk along with ours musically.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

    Our inspiration is everything. Where we started and where we stand is an inspiration, the love from fans, our family, and the life in Jersey. The drive comes from our personal struggles, we all have a story to tell, we all have a point to come across, we all have someone to reach out to, we all have lost before, and are searching to gain thru our passion and live through our dreams. You inspire me.

How did you start getting involved with fashion/merchandise? What year did you release the brand?

We first got started with our brand and designing late 2011, we designed through an iPad and sketches and officially released our brand on April 2012 dropping the GM Alien snapback design. Since, we have been producing and have released, sweaters, t-shirts, pins, beanies, and snapbacks for our customers. The brand was created as another outlet for the music to get to consumers, to show a different talent in our art and to give our fans high quality designed products at an affordable price, not for the gain of money but a connection which is richer than anything in this world. All designs are created in-house by Laze and the GM crew. The Newark based brand has gained exposure through music and online sells touching grounds like NY, Texas, Maryland, VA, LA, NJ, all the way to the UK and growing daily. Be sure to check out our clothing. "We all have a Gifted, Lets Wear it"


What are some of your proudest accomplishments over the past couple of years?

One of the proudest accomplishments would be when kids messaged us and said they're dream is to meet us, or how we inspired them to do music. Another one is the faith we give people, the strength of believe they shower us with, claiming we are the future for Jersey, it's what means most to us. 

What are the future plans for Gifted Miinds?

Gifted Miinds Entertainment will be releasing new music from our artist, new videos and clothing. We hope to keep reaching out to people across the world and inspiring the youth. Our plan is to be the future, the best is yet to come. follow us, one love, one Gifted. #Giftedmiinds

Stay tuned for more Gifted Miinds...

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