DO it yourself BUT not FOR yourself


Often times we get caught up in the hustle and forget what's really important in life. What matters the most and what will last the longest.

Living in some of the most popular cities such as New York, LA, Atlanta, London, Paris, Berlin, or Stockholm one can get caught up in doing for themselves alone disregarding friends family and partners. When in fact some of the most important things in is impacting others, building a legacy, and and helping those below you without wanting things in return.

And the secret on how to do this is through your passion!

So let your ability to influence people be your fuel to be great.


Great Finds

Elley Duhe

There may be no love in the jungle, but we're feeling a lot of love for Elley Duhé's debut solo single "immortal," premiering exclusively on Billboard.

Backed by deep bass mixed with a synth-laced instrumental, Duhé’s hauntingly beautiful vocals effortlessly flow throughout the track and tell the story of navigating through life's challenges and growing in the process. Crooning powerful lyrics like “Somebody tell us we will lose/ not me and my crew,” she makes the listener feel a sense of strength and empowerment.

Speaking about the track, Duhé says,“'immortal' isn’t about living forever in a literal sense, it’s about never dying mentally, and about human resiliency, loyalty, pushing through life’s darkest moments and emerging with even more strength than you had before. It’s about knowing your value even if you’re at rock bottom, and, most importantly, it’s about the people who truly fight with you, for you, and beside you when everyone else is nowhere to be found."


Teflon Sega Instagram

Looks like a couple hours ago Teflon Sega has made its first post on Instagram. Telling by the video it looks like something amazing is going to be revealed soon! 


12 || 9 || 2017

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