WAJU - Solo ft NBDY




Here’s the situation,

I been a lil more than patient

Damn girl you Drive me thru the pavement

Raising my blood like on some gang shit

Got me namaste-in

Try to take you out u wanna stay in

Kinda strange when usually Im the one not complaining

But u must that a nigga dumb if I

ain’t seen that number come across your phone

What kinda shit you on leading other niggas on?

You say you hate being alone?

Well I’m backing out the door the door

Hope you find exactly what you want

While u go searching for your soul

Gotta leave u with this L

While you go searching for yourself

In this situation I been a little more than patient

Girl with you I damn near grew


Stomped out my heart right on the pavement in those maddens baby — I bought

Why would you wanna trade me?

Hop of the throne ain’t no majesty

Actually got yo bag ready

Ya u we on the way hope he can take you to that nigga that keep texting your phone

The typa shit you on’ll leave a grown man torn

Tho I hate to see you go

U had me fucked up from the door

You could miss me with those excuses

Just hold this L and ride solo.