Sell Yourself

No one has the secret sauce to success when it comes to making it big in the entertainment business. The only thing we can do is work hard and hope that a sprinkle of good luck, or for some, FAITH, hits. Often times you see millions of people pouring their mind, body, soul, and most of all MONEY, into their art with nothing in return. New York City, California, Miami, or Atlanta just to name a few, you can find people all over trying to make their dreams come true, but see very little success. Yes, this can be discouraging, although at the same time it lets us know that hard work pays off. The people at the "top" have worked hard for what they believed in and put in countless hours into their craft. Of course we all know this, but what we also need to know is that there are thousands of ways to make money on this long and hard journey to success through outlets such as social media, networking events, and other social gatherings. Chances are if you are good at what you do and someone else can benefit from your craft, then they will pay. In the end, as creatives and innovators, we need to sell more of ourselves, more more more. That's what the people want. We are not selling music, art, dance, nor acting skills, or fashion. No, not at all, what we are selling is ourselves, and if people like you alongside with your art or product then they will buy what you have!


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