Mr. Marty Marr

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, something is missing? The puzzle is just never quite complete... Well, I am happy to tell you that StreetRacer Productions has found a missing puzzle piece, one that goes by the name of Marty Marr. For those of you who remember, Mr. Marty has already made a small dent with StreetRacers about a month ago with the track "Do It". Today, he is an official StreetRacer - a promising music producer and engineer, with a unique story. I couldn't be more excited to share it with you!

When and how did you start engineering/producing music?

-  I got into recording music when I was 11. I'm 20 now, so that makes for about 9 years of experience. But my dad got me into it. He needed someone to record his commercials for radio and had me learn. At the same time, I was getting into music and so I started recording tracks whenever the studio wasn't in use.

What have you been doing prior to becoming a StreetRacer?

-  I just recently graduated from IAR in New York, I was interning at Kaleidoscope Sound for a minute, doing live sound and recording with other artists in the South Jersey area.

Who has influenced you musically?

-  Definitely Kanye West. I see a lot of innovation from him and always try to do the same when I'm producing. Also, MGMT is something I listen to when I need to explore boundaries.

What makes you want to become a StreetRacer?

-  The fast life. Haha, StreetRacer Production is so focused and organized. Everyone has a part to play. Everyone builds off of the others' success. I figured out that I should be around people that have the same goals as myself.

How did you get your name, "Marty Marr"? - it's really cool and original!

-  Thanks! It really just came as a nickname. My real name is Martin and for some reason people started calling me Marty. I wish I had a cooler story for this aha!

Could you tell me a little bit about your favorite music memory?

-  I think my favorite music memory was the first day I interned at Kaleidoscope Sound. I didn't sleep the night before. I was anxious and I didn't want to oversleep. I spent the whole day trying to pick up on the routine of cleaning and making coffee (and trying not to fall asleep). But by the end of the day, the chief engineer asked me to come into the control room. When I heard the music, it reminded me why I was there in the first place. I love music !

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Welcome to the StreetRacer team!