All Eyes On You

So here is the deal...I want to introduce you all to this fantastic new concept that StreetRacer Productions will be featuring every week on the homepage of the website ( As of recently the hard working producers have been composing these high class beats for you to purchase. These beats aren't just any beats, they are superstar other words, high quality and unique, beats that have that single potential, setting you, as an artist, apart from everyone else out there trying to steal the spotlight. You have a 10 day opportunity to buy the superstar beat for exclusive rights. Once the 10 days are up, a new superstar beat will be out on the market, and the previous one (if not already bought) will be placed in the 1st class beat section for leasing rights. Do you have what it takes to swag out to StreetRacer superstar beat?

Robbie Maxx, talented hip hop artist, purchased the latest StreetRacer superstar beat. I strongly encourage you to check out his fresh new mixtape - Lovin' the CD cover!