Once Upon a Time...

Finally! The story we've all been waiting for is here. I have been working on a new and freshly updated biography for you all to learn a little more about the dudes behind the magic. I hope you enjoy reading about our favorite StreetRacer producers as much as I like writing about them.

"It all started in the third grade. It was time for music lessons and I had to pick an instrument. The drums caught my eye and it was love at first sight. From that day on music has become my other half. It is a way of life for me, an outlet to express and share my emotions. Music has a way of healing, and in many ways it enables a spiritual connection, one that I believe that we all have. Once high school came along I was no longer Lanre Odunlami, but known as Ldezze, part of the beat making crew “Cool Boys.” Together with a bunch of friends and the highly talented Steven Tucker we ran the place. I owe a lot of my skills and passion for music production to Steven Tucker, whom I admire for having such talent but never bragging about it. Once Steven graduated, I met Cameron Price and Warren Adams, aka Wala Beatz, and together we were three unstoppable men with big dreams and aspirations. StreetRacer Productions was founded and officially legalized in 2010. The rest is history. 
The concept of a StreetRacer entails being fast, determined and cool, and that is exactly what defines our company brand. We are motivated to stay ahead of the game, motivated to forming our own unique and likeable sound, motivated to inspire you. We specialize in techno, trap music and pop, with a mix of some cinematic music here and there.
Today I (Lanre Odunlami) work closely alongside Wala Beatz, signed with Nitty Beats, and Cameron Price as well as a team of creative social media, marketing and entrepreneur experts. Our goal is to distribute our music through a variety of different channels in conjunction to building a network of connections with artists who have potential and passion for the industry."
- StreetRacer Productions
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