Hey World, long time no see, I know. I apologize for the poor updating as of recently, and make a promise to you that it will change. Starting now. StreetRacer Productions is proud to announce that a lot of new exciting beats and ideas are coming up. All to get you dancing on your feet...bobbing your head back and forth..or smiling on a rainy day. However, today I want to talk about love. It might sound like a very cliché question, but somehow it still remains unanswered: what is love...? A passionate beat has been produced, inspired by something or maybe someone. I listen to it and think of a love story. The further into the melody I get, the more the story unravels and a picture is painted, a picture portraying lust and despair..excitement and mystery. Listen to it and tell StreetRacer Productions what you think! And of course, if you have the guts to answer my very curious question..what is love..by all means, feel free to do so!

"Lost In Paris"

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