Relaxed Tailoring

It's been a while since fashion was brought up. Since it is a new year, and that also brings new fashion trends, it is about time that I give you some pointers. I have decided to get a little more in depth on mens' fashion. I have a feeling that most of you guys out there think that fashion and clothes are mostly something for the females in our society, yet both you and I know that you spend the extra five minutes checking yourself out in the mirror, or perhaps thinking twice before you decide on what shirt to go with in the morning. You can tell me that fashion is for sissies all you want. I know you give two shits about your wardrobe. So, as for 2012, your fashion conscious mind should be on the lookout for 1) seamless shoulders, 2) loose pants, 3) pleated pants and, 4) loose cut jackets. Not that doesn't sound all that bad does it? 2012 focuses on men's relaxed tailoring, in contrast to the more feminine and tailored look we experienced in 2011. Here are some examples! Be sure to tell StreetRacer Productions what you think!