Swagger Like Jagger

A group that recently has come to my attention during my workouts at the gym is Maroon 5. Yes I know we are all really familiar with their latest collaboration with Miss Aguilera producing the hit "Moves Like Jagger," but that's not what I'm referring to.. I bet you are as tired as I am of the radio playing it to the ground.  However, their very first album, Song About Jane, really makes an impression. If you haven't heard of it, I strongly urge you to check it out. Not only are their lyrics catchy ones, but highly intricate and deeply moving. StreetRacer Productions cannot help but acknowledge the creativity and musicality that Maroon 5 brings to the table. Pure inspiration! Here are some of the ones your ears MUST listen to! (I promise you, you'll be humming "She Will Be Loved" tomorrow morning).