Welcome to a new fresher StreetRacer Production blog! What do you think? A little cleaner..a little more simplistic..crisp feel huh? I figured since the big 2012 is here, StreetRacer Productions blog needs to keep up with it..we are after all speedy, rolling in the fast lane. I hope you like it, but don't be afraid to criticize!

It's certainly not news that with every new year there are a whole bunch of new years resolutions and promises that are planned on being made. Nor should it come as a surprise that 9 out 10 times we fail to resolve, and fail to make the promise.. Here is my suggestion for a healthy new years resolution, look at yourself in the mirror and find one thing about you that you love. It can be anything.. but whether it is the freckle under your left eye, or the way your hair falls that particular morning, acknowledge it. Embrace you. So at the start of each month, find something new about you that you love. StreetRacer Productions and our beats are here to promote, not only hot music that makes your ears smile..but self esteem. Quite frankly, it doesn't have to be called a "new years resolution," because we all know that if we want to make a change in our lives, it shouldn't take the start of a new year to make it happen. How about we call it..a step in the right direction?