She Has a Secret

Hey everyone!

Not too long ago did Victoria's Secret Fashion Show air on CBS, remember? Even though it is a bunch of gorgeous females walking down the runway in high heels and lingerie, I think that most of us forget that its actually fashion. It is time to look past the sexy bodies and wings, and take a second glance at the actual garments. The interesting thing about underwear as fashion is that it is timeless, and not something that we typically show off to the public as we would with a new pair of shoes. Another unique aspect of the show is the live music that is being played while the models strut their stuff (StreetRacer Productions loves this!). In a sense, this show is so much more than just an exposure of fashion! But back to my point, what do you think about the lingerie? Is this trendy, or is it just for show? If you're a woman, would you consider wearing it, and if you're a guy, would you buy it for your girl? What makes Victoria's Secret such a good one?