That Hair

Let's talk hair. I believe that society as a whole is very very very meticulous about their hair. It's like a part of our identity...and we all know what it's like to go to a hairdresser, tell them specifically what we want and then end up walking out of there with a frown on our faces...unhappy with our new looks. So let's face it folks..we are picky about our hair. Although, let's not be afraid of some inspiration or new twists... For the upcoming year one trendy hair style, that is both sexy and relaxed is the wet chignon look. What you do is that you apply volumizing mousse all through towel-dry hair. Let dry naturally (if you're in rush, grab the blow-dryer). Once hair is completely dry, add Aragon oil to achieve that wet, silky and shiny look. Use your fingers to run through your hair with the oil, this way you get that natural feel to it. Now pull back your hair into a low ponytail, fastening the pony-holder at a ear level. Make sure its not too tight, and notice that there is no part. Lastly, wrap your ponytail into a low bun/chignon, pulling a few strands out of there to not make it look too perfect..and voilá! You have a beautiful messy wet, but hot look!


As for my guys reading, naturally you can also strive toward a wet look. However, it would be in the form of a more sleek one. It is a traditional style for men, and requires a lot of product to get that classic slick to the side. But if you are thinking of growing your hair a bit to switch things is a suggestion for you. It is a short wavy style with more hair up top and less along the sides. This is an optimal cut for you with naturally curly hair. To style it, avoid hardening products and go for a curl controller cream that you run through your hair when it is wet. Hot hot hot!